Events and Initiatives



Every year, wealso hold a candlelight memorial for victims of gender-based violence where menand youth club members also take part in sensitizing people about the effectsof gender-based violence and the human rights of gender/sexual minorities.


In 2012 and2013, we have organized two workshops on sex, gender, sexuality and relatedissues like gender/sexual identity and rights for gender/sexual minorities,bringing together gender/sexual minorities with more ‘mainstream’ men and maleyouth organizations.

Nitish YouthAward:

This is a newinitiative through which we wish to honour the memory of Nitish, a young boywho was an active volunteer with Kolkata Rista and passed away in November 2012during Chhath Puja. We are instituting an annual award in his memory that willbe given to youth clubs/groups or young individuals who prove themselves to bestrong allies or supporters for advancing the rights and social acceptance oftransgender/Hijra and all other gender/sexually marginalized people.



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