About US


Our overall approach is usually direct and face to face. We work for poor and illiterate“Kothis”. At times, our peer educators, coordinators and supervisors arrange for drop-in sessions in and around their work places. They squeeze some timeout of their work and pop in at our drop-in centers where we demonstrate how to use condoms and give non-formal education on sexual health. Once in a month, we also conduct health-clinic sessions at the drop-in centers and urge people to come for a thorough check-up.

Thus, we have come in direct touch with many people afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases. Every year, on World AIDS Day,we organize some programmes like rallies, indoor-cultural programmes and stalls, through which we aim at generating HIV/AIDS awareness among the community people.  

Mission & Vision

Energize, involve and enable the community to realize their potential of practicing safe sexual behaviour and lead better lives.

Our Objectives:-

a) To prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS among MSM and TG (Kothi, Hijra) communities through target interventions, and to create information and awareness on general health, STD and HIV/AIDS. 

b)To empower targeted MSM, TG, Hijra groups through awareness building, adult literacy and income generation programmes.

c)To combat sexual exploitation and trafficking of MSM, TG (kothi, hijra) populations.

d)To facilitate an improved standard of living in adopted communities by introducing vocational training and income generation activities.

e) To build relationship between the community members and primary and secondary stakeholders. 

f)To create secure jobs for the gender/sexual minority communities of our society.

g)To strengthen community support through self-employment. 

h)To empower and educate Migrant Labor.

i)To empower women with their rights to self-sustenance and livelihood.

j)To stop child labor and ensure their rights to food and education.

k)To stop human trafficking.

Our Objectives