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In Kolkata Rista we work with working class people who identify themselves as Transgender,Hijra, Kothi, Lesbian, Gay, Queer as also the often ‘hidden’ populations ofDupli, Parikh, Giria, etc. who rarely publicly identify.

We work from the human rights perspective in areas of health, especiallyHIV/ AIDS treatment, and prevention, recognizing that health vulnerability isstrongly correlated with broader social, economic, and politicalmarginalization. We also have a strong track record on issues related to genderand patriarchy, like domestic violence, the right to education, counseling, andsupporting families in extreme poverty.  KR has worked and continues towork with a range of local, national, and international campaigns, includingthe Wada naTodo Campaign and the One Billion Rising Campaign.

Our overall approach is usually direct and face to face. At time, our peer educators, coordinators and supervisors arrange for drop-in session in andaround their work places. Also, they came to our centers where we providenon-formal education on sexual health; they can meet with our counselors and arrangefor drop-in sessions. Our centers seek to create a warm and friendlyenvironment, where the community can feel identified and supported. 

We believe in a society with real inclusion oftransgender community and other sexual/gender marginalized communities, whereeveryone, without discrimination, can enjoy the fulfillment of their humanrights, getting a better quality of life with better health, which can lead tolive their lives with dignity and respect.


We seek to reach the marginalized transgendercommunity with the aim of empowering it and generate social inclusion, especiallyby raising awareness of the importance of health to have a better quality oflife.

Our principles:

Inclusion/ Accountability/ Transparency/ Independence/ Impartiality/ Non-profit/ Gender equality/ Cero tolerance to discrimination andviolence


Our Objectives:

a) To prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS among gender and sexual minorities communitiesthrough target interventions, generating awareness and consciousness ongeneral health, STD and HIV/AIDS. 

b) To empower targeted gender and sexual minorities communities throughawareness building, adult literacy and income generation programmes.

c) To combat sexual exploitation and trafficking of MSM, TG (kothi, hijra)populations.

d) To facilitate an improved standard of living in adopted communitiesby introducing vocational training and income generation activities.

e) To build relationship between the community members and primary andsecondary stakeholders. 

f) To create secure jobs for the gender/sexual minority communities ofour society.

g) To strengthen community support through self-employment. 

h) To empower and educate Migrant Labor.

i) To empower women with their rights to self-sustenance and livelihood,generating gender equality.

j) To stop child labor and ensure their rights to food and education.

k) To stop human violence.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives