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Targeted Intervention MSM

At present Kolkata Rista is running a pre-TI (Targeted Intervention) forMSM, TG and Hijra (MTH) populations in the district of South 24 Parganas.
The pre-TI provides services like condom distribution, lube distributions, ICTCtesting, regular medical check-ups, counseling, referral, and care and supportto the MSM, TG and Hijra communities on a regular basis. We mobilize thecommunity to access at least two new services. And mobilize them
towards for upcoming services.
Advocacy with law enforcement, civil society, Social Acceptance for MTHcommunity and HIV+ people and sensitize   the community toward HIVinfection and to improve the conditions for HIV infected population as well asto building capacity among them towards Human Rights and lively hood.
Community counselor providing counseling services to the community people for betterhealth.
We are trying to address the crisis situation of community people throughcrisis management team and also to advocate the Main stream society to create thefriendly environment for Community. Thus, we have come in direct touch withmany people afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases.



Is meant for connecting the People Living with HIV (PLHIV) with the Anti-Retroviral TherapyCenters. Additionally, we do a follow up to the patients to make sure that theyare taking the medicines and receiving their treatments regularly.

KolkataRista has been running this project since July, 2018 and till date it hasimpacted successfully 197 individuals.


Social Accountability

 This project has started in Oct, 2019 with theobjective of sensitizing the TG community regarding their citizenship rights.In addition, it aims at holding the government officials and politiciansaccountable to the service users for their conduct and performance byorganizing the Jan Sunwaish and Jan Sabha. Through these events and meetings,the community has the opportunity to interact with the key stake holders, andraise their voice against the discriminations they face and for theirentitlements as members of the society.


Graima Greh Shelter Home

KolkataRista is about to start this new project shortly. It aims at accommodating allthe homeless destitute TGs under one roof and empower them with different capacitybuilding programmes. Counselling service for every inmate will be available toprotect their mental health.


Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA):

WNTA is a national civil society platforminitiated in 2004 that aims at conducting surveys to monitor governanceaccountability to eliminate poverty and social exclusion in India. KolkataRista has been part of WNTA since 2007, by collaboration with surveys on thesocio-economic condition of the sexually marginalized communities. Bydoing this, we can analyze and follow-up the achievements on the SustainableDevelopment Goals. 


AIMS Delhi Survey on Extent and Pattern of Substance Use in India 2019

KolkataRista collaborated with the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre ‘‘AllIndia Institute of Medical Science’’ (AIMS) in the 2019 survey by providinginformation about the current picture of substance abuse amongst the TransgenderCommunity in India.


Nari Shakti & Nataraj Dance Group

1-     Nari Shakti is the female wing of Kolkata Rista,started in July 2020 . The socio economically marginalized women of KolkataKadapara Slum area have been given a platform to raise voice against domesticand family violence. Kolkata Rista is guiding and encouragement these women totake legal actions against the violence committed against them.


Nataraj Dance Group: This cultural wing was formed in 2014 by the presidentof the organization, Anirban Sarkar, who is one of the lead dancers of thegroup.  This dance group has representedKolkata Rista at national and international platforms. Through their dance forms,the expert dancers of Nataraj Group articulate and express the stories of pain,violence and discrimination experienced by the TGs in the society.