Stop gender-violence campaign during Festivals (2010-ongoing)


Stopgender-violence campaign during Durga Puja (2010-ongoing):

Since 2010, wehave been organizing a three-day campaign during Durga Pujas through stalls,street corner-based advocacy and public awareness drives to sensitize peopleabout gender-based violence and sexual assault, which often increases duringPujas. We collaborate with young men and youth clubs to carry out thiscampaign.

Stopgender-violence campaign during Chhath Puja (2010-ongoing):

This is similarto the campaign during Durga Puja but takes place for two days during ChhathPuja. We set up a stall near the puja grounds at Kadapara lake and undertakepublic awareness drive about gender violence and the rights & dignity ofgender/sexual minorities. Local youth clubs are our active partners in thisprocess.

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